About the Undergraduate Fellowship

The Undergraduate Fellowship is a competitive, renewable fellowship program for undergraduate students at George Mason University. Fellowships are open to full- and part-time degree-seeking Mason students from any discipline who are interested in studying key ideas in political economy and learning how to utilize these ideas in academic and policy research.

Undergraduate Fellows study foundational and contemporary writings in political economy by notable scholars and attend a series of conversations with various Mason faculty and Mercatus scholars. Fellows will join a network of Mercatus students, alumni, faculty, and scholars who are conducting and engaging with cutting-edge research in contemporary political economy.

The online application includes:

  •  A 1-2 page cover letter explaining:
    • your undergraduate school career to date,
    • your future academic and/or professional plans,
    • why you are interested in studying key ideas in political economy, and
    • what you hope to get out of the program.
  • A current resume
  • A current Mason transcript (unofficial copies are acceptable)
  • A few short answer questions

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