Capital Campus Pennsylvania Launch Reception

Jun 02, 2008Jun 03, 2008

Please join us as we formally introduce our program, Capital Campus Pennsylvania, to policy makers in Harrisburg. 

Capital Campus Pennsylvania is a partnership between Duquesne University and the Mercatus Center at George Mason University to educate policymakers about the workings of our market economy.  The program lends an academic approach to important state policy questions and works to bridge the often distinct worlds of theory and practice. 

Capital Campus Pennsylvania courses provide a forum where the presentation of reliable academic research and practical discussion of real-world lessons intersect.  This unique educational model yields programs offering information that is not only highly credible, but broadly applicable to the work of a diverse audience of state policymakers from all branches of government and from both sides of the aisle. 

By working with Duquesne University and the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Capital Campus Pennsylvania seeks to construct distinct curricula ensuring that programs are simultaneously relevant and accessible.  Fundamentally, Capital Campus Pennsylvania programs are a source of innovative ideas and solutions for state policymakers who must navigate the complexities of a dynamic and often antagonistic political landscape. 

Capital Campus Pennsylvania courses do not endorse or promote specific legislation.  Rather, each session brings the lessons of economics to bear on a given topic, providing policymakers with a framework for decision making and a means to identify the kinds of questions that underlie the formation of effective public policy.

For more information on this reception, please contact Tyson Schritter at or by phone at (703) 993-8205.