Philadelphia Supporter and Friend Lunch

Jun 20, 2012

Event Speakers

Antony Davies

Senior Affiliated Scholar

Do you want the facts and intellectual arguments to defend your policy beliefs to family and friends? Join Antony Davies, a member of Mercatus Center’s faculty network and an economics professor at Duquesne University, as he gives you all the data and statistics you’ll need to answer questions such as:


  • How big is the national debt and what are the dangers of too much debt?
  • Can’t we balance the budget by just raising taxes?
  •  Does stimulus spending work?
  • Should government regulate monopolies?
  • Are the rich paying their fair share?
  • Have wages stagnated? Is the middle class worse off today than 30 years ago? 


This is not a fundraising event and there is no charge to join us. We are pleased to have you as our guest to show our thanks and appreciation to our donors. Dress is business casual. Please invite friends or associates who might be interested.

To RSVP for yourself and your guests, please contact Ashley Schiller, Events Coordinator, at 703-993-9228 or