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Urban Economics Urban Economics

Housing Reform in the States in 2023

Overly restrictive local zoning is the fundamental cause of America’s housing shortage, but state legislatures can still ensure that their housing markets are a source of economic strength. Placing limits on local zoning allows cities to creatively approach their own situations while averting abuses of regulatory power.

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Regulation Regulation

Cutting Red Tape: A Menu of Options

Most states have room for improvement when it comes to regulating their residents. A review of recent reform efforts taking place across the states suggests multiple approaches to remove obstacles to growth and improve a state’s regulatory environment.

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Technology and Innovation Technology and Innovation

Is Your State Ready for Drone Commerce?

Private companies are testing drone delivery services, but a lack of clarity about federal and state roles in drone and airspace management makes progress slow. The 2022 drone scorecard uses six factors to score and rank the 50 states’ preparedness for commercial drone services.

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