Applications FAQ

How do I apply to one of the fellowship programs?

To apply to a fellowship program, please click on the program page and then hit the “Apply Now” button. You will be taken to an application page, where you can work on your application, save it for later, or submit right away. If the applications are closed, you can sign up to to be alerted for when they open again.

How do I save an application and return to it later?

If you would like to save an application and return to it later, click the “save my progress and resume later” link at the top or bottom of the application. You will be asked to enter an email address and password for that application. To resume, go to the application URL (or go the, click on the program, and then click “Apply Now”) and then click the “resume a previously saved form.” You will be asked to enter your email and password, and then will be taken to your saved application.

Note that if you are applying to multiple fellowships, you will need to create a password for each one and return using the application URL. You can use the same password multiple times.

Do you review applications on a rolling basis?

No, we do not review applications on a rolling basis. Decisions will not be announced until after the application deadline.

I’m not a current fellow. Can I still apply for conference and/or research funding?

We offer conference and research funding for current fellows only. Unfortunately, if you are not a current fellow, you are not eligible to receive this funding.