Don Lavoie Fellowship Program Requirements

Mercatus Center Don Lavoie Fellows are required to:

  • Be an advanced undergraduate, recent graduate, or early-stage graduate student at the time of application and throughout their participation in the Don Lavoie Fellowship Program 
  • Attend and actively participate in all aspects of the scheduled program of online events:
    • Regularly log into the discussion portal to read and review all posted materials and meaningfully engage in the discussion portal
    • Submit a thoughtful question in the discussion portal to the required readings on time
    • Be well prepared for the online group discussion sessions by reading the required material, preparing questions or comments to bring up in the discussion, and joining the scheduled virtual video conferences on time
  • Complete a short evaluation survey following each module
  • Maintain an up-to-date record with the program of a valid postal address to which packages can be shipped
  • Submit an updated curriculum vita on request and quarterly over the course of their participation in the program

Mercatus Center Don Lavoie Fellows are expected to:

  • Coordinate their schedules to maintain a consistent level of meaningful engagement both in the discussion portal and online group discussion sessions throughout the duration of the fellowship to establish good overall standing (the fellowship award is contingent on good standing in the program)
  • Be honest, responsible, fair, and civil in all activities of the Don Lavoie Fellowship program
  • Observe conventional standards of professional conduct while participating in the Don Lavoie Fellowship program
  • Adhere to policies, procedures, and deadlines communicated by Mercatus Center staff related to their participation in the fellowship

Mercatus Center Don Lavoie Fellows are encouraged to:

  • Build relationships with Mercatus Center scholars
  • Build relationships with other program participants
  • Become engaged with professional organizations that support the schools of thought covered in the program, as appropriate