Exploring Complex Solutions for a Complex World Fellowship Requirements

Mercatus Center Exploring Complex Solutions for a Complex World Fellows are required to:

  • Be enrolled in high school, be at least 16-years-old by the start of the fellowship, and receive permission from a parent or guardian
  • Have access to computer equipment and internet capabilities to participate in the fellowship
  • Attend and actively participate in all aspects of the scheduled online programming, including:
    • Regularly log into the discussion portal to discuss the curriculum with scholars and other students in the program (approximately 2 hours of time each week)
    • Submit a thoughtful question in the discussion portal on the required readings on time
    • Participate in 4 60-minute online discussion sessions on Saturdays with students and scholars
    • Be prepared for the online group discussion sessions by reading the required material, preparing questions or comments to bring up during the discussion, and join on time
  • Complete a short evaluation survey following each module