Monthly Jobs Reports

Part-Time Nation

This week’s chart shows the share of part-time versus full-time job gains since December 2012. Data from the most recent monthly survey of households from the Department of Labor show that the economy added 288,000 full-time jobs since last December. While this full-time jobs number might seem like a lot, it pales in comparison to the 692,000 part-time job gains during this time.

The Serious Cost of a Slow Economic Recovery

The weakest economic recovery on record seems to be slowing down. Job creation, tepid at best over the past three years, has now fallen back to just 87,000 per month since March. Just 58.3 percent of us have work of any sort, a range we hadn't seen before this recession since the early 1980s, when less than half of women in the United States held a job. The Federal Reserve has been clearly signaling their impatience with the slow recovery and more Fed action may be forthcoming.