Mercatus Welcomes Jeremy Horpedahl as a Visiting Scholar

Arlington, Va. — The Mercatus Center at George Mason University is pleased to announce that Jeremy Horpedahl has joined the Center as a Visiting Scholar with the Fiscal Studies Program. Horpedahl’s research will focus on public finance, with a particular emphasis on tax policy.

“I'm very excited and honored to be joining the Mercatus Center,” Horpedahl said. “Mercatus has been an important part of my academic and intellectual life, and over the years I've benefited from publishing several policy papers with Mercatus and attending many programs and events. As a visiting scholar, I will expand the fiscal policy work I've been doing in Arkansas to a broader scope of policy across the country, and I look forward to working with Veronique and the rest of the team.”

Horpedahl is the Director of the Arkansas Center for Research in Economics and an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Central Arkansas. Prior to joining UCA in 2015, Horpedahl was an economics professor at Buena Vista University. He received his PhD in economics from George Mason University in 2009, concentrating in public choice, public finance, and economic history. While at George Mason, Horpedahl was a Mercatus Center PhD student fellow.

“I am delighted that Jeremy is joining us at Mercatus,” said Veronique de Rugy, the George Gibbs Chair in Political Economy and Senior Research Fellow in the Fiscal Studies Program. “His thorough economic analyses and quick wit will strengthen the policy breakdowns, proposals, and research of the Fiscal Studies Program.”

Horpedahl has authored several papers for Mercatus, including A Trillion Little Subsidies: The Economic Impact of Tax Expenditures in the Federal Income Tax Code and The Economics of a Targeted Economic Development Subsidy. For additional information about Horpedahl’s work or to request an interview, please contact Phalen Kuckuck, Media Relations, at [email protected].