Pluralism and Civil Exchange

Our mission is to build a community of confident pluralists empowered in their spheres of influence to bridge, and not divide.

About our Program

America has always had factions; they are a feature—not a flaw—of representative democracy. Toxic polarization, however, is not. In today’s world, learning and adopting pluralism requires the opportunity to gather information and reflect on it, and the opportunity to apply that information and practice it in community. Our program provides both. 

We have launched a number of initiatives to help professors, students, public intellectuals, parents, and anyone who is curious, to practice pluralism and its concurrent values in an eclectic, thriving community. Keep reading to learn more.

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Pluralist Lab

Pluralist Lab

Pluralist Lab workshops bring together people with diverse perspectives for substantive conversation on controversial topics to build civil discourse skills. Trained facilitators guide a conversation that could easily be awkward in a normal situation. 

Participants practice speaking and being heard as well as active and reflective listening. They get to understand why someone they respect–someone looking them in the eye–would think differently about difficult to discuss issues.

When someone says, “I never thought of it that way” we know we’re having success. Typically participants want to continue the conversation long after the session ends.

Learn more about the type of facilitation we use and how it can be applied to your classroom, office, friend group, or family.

Pluralism Fellows

Every year, our program hosts an eclectic mix of heterodox thinkers and practitioners. Through research, salon discussions, writing, and speaking, fellows are constantly engaged in various aspects of how we can foster pluralism. For media inquiries, contact Ryan Carver at [email protected]. For speaking engagements, contact Sarah Keenan at [email protected].

Tevi Troy

Examining historical lessons from previous challenges to liberalism and revealing their enduring significance.
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Ashley Berner

Making the case for educational pluralism to improve student outcomes and foster viewpoint diversity in the classroom.
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Tara Isabella Burton

Exploring the “theology of the internet” and how it shapes our shared culture and moral assumptions.
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Luke Sheahan

Discussing monism vs pluralism and the impact these frameworks have on the public’s treatment of the First Amendment and Freedom of Association.
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Graedon Zorzi

Studying the ideas of John Locke as foundational to a liberal democratic republic and the establishment of a more robust pluralism.
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Sheena Mason

Further developing the Theory of Racelessness, a case for antirace(ism) to transcend the conventional understanding of race.
Sheena Mason headshot

Kevin Vallier

Exploring religious pluralism, shifting trends in social trust, and catholic integralism.
 Kevin Vallier

Joan McGregor

Researching ways the next generation of students can build moral capital by fostering epistemic virtues and habits.
Joan McGregor headshot

Recommended Resources

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Ben Klutsey welcomes author Robert Talisse to discuss democracy as an aspirational ideal and solutions to polarization.
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Author Mónica Guzmán joins Ben Klutsey on his podcast and discuss bridging political divides, fostering genuine curiosity and how to talk to your crazy uncle during the holidays.
I never thought it that way
A Matter of Trust
Ben Klutsey talks with author Danielle Allen about pluralism, equality and committing to democratic processes.
Our declaration
Undivide Us Postcard


America is at a crossroads where politicians, news media, and social media fan the flames of toxic partisanship that have led many Americans to question whether they can trust their fellow citizens. UNDIVIDE US is a documentary that stands as a beacon of hope and a call to action.

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We always look for ways to partner with others committed to open inquiry, civil dialogue, and pluralism. Whether it's a Pluralist Lab workshop, salon discussion, or speaking engagement, there are many ways our team would be happy to help spark dialogue and civil exchange in your community. Please contact Sarah Keenan at [email protected] to discuss ideas.

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Latest work in Pluralism and Civil Exchange

    Latest work in Pluralism and Civil Exchange

    Latest work in Pluralism and Civil Exchange

    Latest work in Pluralism and Civil Exchange