Pluralism and Civil Exchange

Our mission is to foster a deeper understanding of pluralism through research, the practice of civil discourse, and the dissemination of tools for audiences across philosophical divides to model pluralism.

Establish a Community

Through a growing cadre of Visiting Fellows, social entrepreneurs, and participants in our Pluralist Lab events, we are establishing a community of confident pluralists from across the ideological spectrum who will demonstrate tolerance, freedom of expression, and mutual forbearance within their communities and institutions. Sign up to receive the latest updates. 

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Attend a Pluralist Lab event

The Mercatus Center's Pluralist Lab is an effort to foster open mindedness while actively demonstrating how we can exchange ideas and coexist with our fellow citizens across deep divides.

Partner with us to advance pluralism

The Mercatus center seeks to amplify the work of scholars, thinkers, writers, and doers addressing the challenge of sustaining liberal democratic pluralism and institutions.

Contact us to learn more about how we can work together.

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Quote from F. A. Hayek

"If old truths are to retain their hold on men’s minds, they must be restated in the language and concepts of successive generations."
F. A. Hayek

Our Visiting Fellows

Tevi Troy

Historical lessons from previous challenges to liberalism that are relevant to today
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Ashley Berner

The case for educational pluralism to improve student outcome and foster viewpoint diversity
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Tara Isabella Burton

The “theology of the internet” and how it shapes our shared culture and moral assumptions
Head shot of  Tara Isabella Burton

Luke Sheahan

Monism vs pluralism and how these frameworks affect the public’s treatment of the First Amendment and Freedom of Association
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Graedon Zorzi

The ideas of John Locke as foundational to a liberal democratic republic and the establishment of a more robust pluralism
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Sheena Mason

The Theory of Racelessness, a case for antirace(ism) to transcend the conventional understanding of race
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Kevin Vallier

Exploring religious pluralism, trends in social trust, and catholic integralism
 Kevin Vallier

Joan McGregor

Fostering epistemic virtues and habits that form moral capital among the next generations of students
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Latest work in Pluralism and Civil Exchange

    Latest work in Pluralism and Civil Exchange

    Latest work in Pluralism and Civil Exchange