Mercatus Welcomes Nabeel S. Qureshi as a Visiting Scholar

Arlington, Va. –The Mercatus Center at George Mason University is pleased to announce that Nabeel S. Qureshi will join the Center as a Visiting Scholar with the Program on Artificial Intelligence and Progress. A software engineer by trade and Emergent Ventures grant recipient, Qureshi’s work at the Center will focus on the intersection of artificial intelligence, the economy, and technology governance. 

"AI is the most profound technology in society today, and a good candidate for the most transformative technology innovation of the decade,” said Qureshi.

"Billions of lives are likely to be impacted by AI, as the scale of the largest AI computations is doubling every six months. My research as a Visiting Fellow will focus on shaping how this impact plays out across key strategic sectors for the economy and government, as well as how policymakers can best collaborate with technologists and governments to ensure a vision of AI that contributes to progress, freedom, and prosperity for all.”

Previously, Nabeel led various engagements with US federal agencies as an Enterprise Lead at Palantir Technologies, with extensive experience with machine learning in the biosciences, public health during the COVID-19 response, and applied AI in the context of drug discovery. He was also a founding employee and Vice President of Business Development at GoCardless, a Y Combinator funded company headquartered in London, now one of Europe’s biggest financial technology unicorns. Qureshi published an insightful May 2023 essay on moral AI in WIRED Magazine, and has co-authored several papers ranging from topics pertaining to science, public health, and technology. 

"We’re thrilled to bring Nabeel and his knowledge on artificial intelligence to the organization,” said Tyler Cowen, Faculty Director at the Mercatus Center. “His expertise will bolster our growing body of research on this crucial area of work.”

For additional information about Qureshi’s work or to request an interview, please contact Matthew Boyer, Director of Media Relations, at [email protected].