Mar 30, 2018

What We’re Reading: Toys R Us Bankruptcy, Other Galaxies, and the FDIC

Chad Reese Staff Writer

Here’s a quick round-up of some of the links shared by Mercatus Center scholars this week:

  • Michael Farren shared “a great story of how people can achieve environmental conservation without relying on the government,” and a video from MSN on a Toys R US claim that childless millennials led to their bankruptcy.
  • James Broughel tweeted about Yale researchers who discovered a galaxy without dark matter.
  • Matthew Mitchell shared a paper by Joshua C. Hall, Donald J. Lacombe, and Timothy M. Shaughnessy comparing economic freedom with income levels across US states.
  • Christine McDaniel tweeted an article by Joy Dantong Ma on “Steel Tariffs’ Chilling Effect on American Manufacturing.”
  • Emily Hamilton retweeted Eric Fidler’s highlighting of a WAMU story on density in northwest DC.
  • Brian Knight shared a Wall Street Journal article on the pending Senate confirmation of Jelena McWilliams, nominee to head the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

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