Call for Papers: Regulation & Entrepreneurship

The Mercatus Center at George Mason University invites the submission of proposals for papers on regulation and entrepreneurship to be released as part of the Mercatus Working Paper series. The Mercatus Center is a university-based research center, working to advance knowledge about how markets work to improve our lives. The organization’s mission is to generate knowledge and understanding of how institutions affect the freedom to prosper and to find creative solutions to overcome barriers that prevent individuals from living free, prosperous, and peaceful lives.

The Mercatus Center invites original research papers accessible to a policy audience on the topic of how federal regulations currently impact entrepreneurial activity in the United States. Papers should explicitly define the concept of entrepreneurship employed and distinguish between different forms of entrepreneurial activity, such as government and private. Some suggested definitions include Austrian/Kirznerian alertness to opportunity, Schumpeterian “creative destruction,” or Phelpsian entrepreneurial churn.  However, other approaches are welcome. Both empirical studies and theoretical papers will be considered.  We are open to a wide variety of empirical approaches, including case studies, interviews, and econometrics.  

The papers should offer policy recommendations thoroughly grounded in the research. Recommendations can address the advisability of specific regulations or broader suggestions for reform of the federal regulatory process. We may also organize a conference, a book, or a special issue of a journal if a sufficient number of high-quality submissions are received.

Selected authors may be ask to participate, as needed, in media interviews, educational events/courses, one-on-one consultations with members of Congress and/or congressional staff, and/or testimony before Congress.

Those wishing to submit proposals should submit a 600-word abstract by May 30, 2012.

Completed working papers or papers in progress are also welcome.

Compensation will be offered.

Papers or abstracts should be emailed to James Broughel at: