Graduate Student Paper Workshop

The Graduate Student Paper Workshop is a weekly seminar open to Mercatus Center graduate fellows as well as Mercatus Center scholars and affiliated faculty. Graduate fellows, scholars and affiliated faculty present working papers and receive criticism and recommendations from their peers. GSPW serves as a key forum for training Mercatus Center graduate fellows to be researchers and for improving their current research projects.

GSPW will feature or has featured the following presentations:

Fall 2009
September 9th  – Steven Horwitz “The Microeconomic Foundations of Macroeconomic Disorder: An Austrian Perspective on the Great Recession of 2008″

September 16th – Petrik Runst “Post-Socialist Culture and Entrepreneurship – An empirical analysis”

September 23rd  – Jason Aimone “What You Don’t Know Can’t Protect You: Effects of Avoiding Betrayal on Trustee Behavior”

September 30th – Triya Venkatraman

October 7th – Simon Bilo

October 14th – Dan Smith

October 21st – Doug Rogers

October 28th – Nick Curott

November 4th – Alex Fink

November 11th – Will Luther “Revisiting the Monetary Theory of the Trade Cycle and the Great Depression”

November 18th – Nick Snow

November 25th – No GSPW – SEA Conference/Thanksgiving

December 2nd – Jared Barton

December 9th – Stewart Dompre

Spring 2009
Jason Arentz “Cash Out: The Mathematics of Payment Card Markets”

Emilia Istrate “Institutions, Entrepreneurs, and the Informal Economy”

Leo O. Krasnozhon “Institutional Stickiness, Economic Development and Privatization: New Evidence from Ukraine”

Shruti Rajagopalan “Taking(s) from Development: SEZs and Land Acquisition”

Diana Weinert “The brewer, the baker, the monopoly maker”

Nick Curott “The historical development of public policing, prosecution, and punishment”

Tyler Watts “Commercial Diplomacy in the Adobe Empire”

Will Luther “Lock-in and Switching: From Betamax to Blu-Ray”

Simon Bilo “Fiat Monetary Systems and the International Structure of Production”

Geoffrey Lea “Capital and the Structure of the Market”

Thomas Hogan “Guns, Burns, and Steers: Cattle Branding and Property Rights in the Old West”

Ed Stringham “The Importance of Virtue for Freedom: The Role of Internal Moral Constraints in a Market Economy”

Fall 2008
Jason Aimoine “Betrayal Aversion: A Laboratory Analysis”

Jeremy Horpedahl “The Economic Origins and Consequences of Democracy in America, 1790-1860”

Nick Snow “Moral Entrepreneurship at Any Cost: Entrepreneurship, Rule Creation, and the Temperance Movement”

Tyler Watts “Entrepreneurial Externalities: The Costs of Capitalism”

Dan Smith “Heterogeneity and Exchange: The Rise and Fall of La Convivencia

David Skarbek “Honor among Thieves: Organized Crime and Monitoring Malfeasance”

Doug Rogers “Organizing Crime” (co-written with Peter Leeson)

Emily Schaeffer “The Role of Private Bureaucracy in Natural Disaster Response and Recovery“

Diana Weinert “It is not from the benevolence of the brewer or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their relative political power – LogRolling in Feudal Times”

Triya Venkatraman “Have Indian Exports responded to export promotion schemes?”

Alex Fink “Weak Princes and Autonomous Towns – the Rise of the Hanseatic Cities”