Modernizing US Telecom Law: Lessons from Denmark

Globally, the telecommunications, media, and Internet industries are converging and rapidly changing. These dynamics have strained legacy regulations and regulatory agencies like the Federal Communications Commission, which was created in the midst of the Great Depression in 1934. Most countries have eliminated state-owned media and phone companies and some, like Denmark, South Korea, and Japan, have dismantled or diminished the role of their national telecommunications agencies in recent years.

Amidst calls to modernize the FCC and the Communications Act, American regulators and lawmakers are looking around the world for successful models. Please join the Mercatus Center at George Mason University for a discussion with policy experts and regulators about the future of US communications law in a converged, Internet-based world. Drawing upon Denmark’s example—the development of a national market-led digital strategy—this event will explore modern, pro-growth telecommunications reform.