Apollo 11, Drones, and Donors

This Last-Mile Delivery Startup Wants to Put Robots in Bike Lanes

James Vincent | The Verge | Tweeted by Jennifer Huddleston

A new startup is attempting to put its next-generation delivery robots, that are bigger and more rugged than competitors, in bike lanes. However, they may face protests from the cycling community.

China’s State-Driven Growth Model Is Running out of Gas

Greg Ip | The Wall Street Journal | Tweeted by Christine McDaniel

Compared to other countries, China is lagging behind in economic growth. This is due to many factors, but predominantly its state-led economy and trade wars.

Apollo 11 Had a Hidden Hero: Software

Robert Lee Hotz | The Wall Street Journal | Shared by Tyler Cowen

As the Apollo 11 lunar lander was descending on the moon, alarms rang out from the computer. Software coded in lines of binary saved the mission.

New York City Developers Lobby to Legalize Drones

Tess Riski | The Wall Street Journal | Tweeted by Brent Skorup

Drones can be useful in saving building owners hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of work, but current regulations in New York City are keeping the technology grounded.

Officials Respond to Public Records Request on Bengals' New Stadium Deal with 275 Pages of Redactions

Barry Petchesky | Deadspin | Tweeted by Michael D. Farren

In a striking example of government opacity, Hamilton County officials responded to a request for documents pertaining to the Cincinnati Bengals’ stadium with 275 pages of documents that were almost completely blacked out.

How Universities Misuse Donor Dollars

Phillip W. Magness | American Institute for Economic Research | Shared by Donald Boudreaux

A gift made to the University of Missouri in 2003 is currently caught up in a bizarre legal case that gives an inside look at how universities often misrepresent how they use philanthropic gifts.

Walmart Supercenters Fight Food Insecurity

Charles Courtemanche, Art Carden, Xilin Zhou, Murugi Ndirangu| Centre for Economic Policy Research| Retweeted by David Beckworth

With 14.5% of American households facing food insecurity, research shows that Walmart Supercenters’ entry into the local market improves food security, and suggests that policies aimed at thwarting Walmart may reduce food security.

 How India’s Tallest Building Ended as an Unfinished Construction Site

Benjamin Parkin | Financial Times | Retweeted by Alex Tabarrok

Taking a bet on India’s fast-growing economy, many banks have financed luxury apartments in the country’s largest cities. Now, investors are uneasy as nearly half of the luxury real estate in downtown Mumbai is unsold.