Bobby Bonilla's Sweet Deal, Identifying Heartbeats, and Idaho Leaves Snails to Themselves

Weekend Reads: July 5, 2019

Happy 40th Birthday, Walkman

CNN Staff | CNN | Tweeted by Jennifer Huddleston

The Walkman, which revolutionized the way we listen to music, turned 40 this month. While Apple eventually ran them out of the market, there were certain technopanics that accompanied the first successful portable music player.

Happy Bobby Bonilla Day! Why Mets pay him $1.19M every July 1| Tweeted by Adam Thierer

Although he hasn’t played for the Mets since 1999, Bobby Bonilla will collect a check for $1,193,248.20 as part of one of the most lucrative deferred-money contracts in baseball.

The Pentagon Has a Laser That Can Identify People from a Distance—by Their Heartbeat

David Hambling | MIT Technology Review | Shared by Tyler Cowen

Like your fingerprint or iris, your unique cardiac signature can be used as an identifier. A new device developed for the Pentagon can identify people by their heartbeat up to 219 yards, and possibly farther.

How Auctioning the Air Could Transform the Future of Transport

Carine Hajjar | CapX | Retweeted by Brent Skorup

With the development and implementation of air taxis, one group is proposing the government auction off air travel corridors much like the auctioning of radio licenses.

Idaho Quits Worrying About Snails

The Editorial Board | The Wall Street Journal | Retweeted by James Broughel

Thanks to legislative gridlock, Idaho’s entire regulatory code expired this month. While some regulations will be instituted on an emergency basis, the state was able to purge some of its more useless rules (like mandating clothing choices for female boxers).

Global Capitalism Makes Your Hipster Minimalism Possible

Jeffrey A. Tucker | American Institute for Economic Research | Shared by Donald Boudreaux

New technology like Square card readers have opened the door for small merchants and food trucks, and this is just one example of how global trade has helped many achieve a minimalist lifestyle.

Eleanor Holmes Norton Says Let Them Scoot!

Clyde McGrady | Roll Call | Retweeted by Emily Hamilton

While many staffers and visitors to the Capitol regularly use dockless scooters, they were recently banned by Capitol Police. Washington, DC’s Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton is calling for a repeal of the ban.

I'm Being Watched at Amazon Go — and I Don't Care

Erica Pandey | Axios | Retweeted by Alex Tabarrok

Feelings toward big tech companies are mixed, but 71% of consumers say they’d sacrifice privacy for the benefits of technology. This shows a growing, somewhat oxymoronic, tech-friendly attitude being adopted by millennials and Gen Z.