Cottage Neighborhoods, the Golden Girls' Zoning Law Violations, and Corporate Equality

Weekend Reads: August 2, 2019

The Last All-Male Board on the S&P 500 Is No Longer

Vanessa Fuhrmans | The Wall Street Journal | Tweeted by Jennifer Huddleston

Facing pressure from shareholders and state governments, companies have begun adding females to their boards of directors. In 2012, one in eight S&P 500 boards was all-male.

The Soviet Space Program Was Not Woke

Marina Koren | The Atlantic | Tweeted by Robert Graboyes

While the Soviet Union “won the space race for equality,” their intentions were more nationalist than nondiscriminatory.

Computers Can’t Tell If You’re Happy When You Smile

Angela Chen | MIT Review | Shared by Tyler Cowen

Emotion recognition technology, while a $20 billion industry, is incapable of registering one of the most common indicators of happiness.

Parents Are Giving up Custody of Their Kids to Get Need-Based College Financial Aid

Jodi S. Cohen and Melissa Sanchez | ProPublica Illinois | Retweeted by Brent Skorup

Dozens of suburban Chicago families have found a legal loophole that allows their children to receive need-based financial aid for which they would normally not be eligible.

Making the Case for Cottage Neighborhoods

Michele Lerner Photos by Sarah L. Voisin | The Washington Post | Retweeted by Emily Hamilton

“Empty nesters” and others looking for small, more communal living arrangements are embracing cottage neighborhoods, also known as pocket neighborhoods.

Taxpayers Lose When the Government Gives out 'Free' Stuff

John Stossel | Reason | Shared by Donald Boudreaux

In a competition for who can give out the most free stuff to get elected, taxpayers lose.

The Roots of Boeing’s 737 Max Crisis: A Regulator Relaxes Its Oversight

Natalie Kitroeff, David Gelles, and Jack Nicas | The New York Times | Tweeted by Christine McDaniel

A practice of giving more authority to manufacturers has left the FAA with a troubling realization: they didn’t understand the automated system causing the Boeing 737 Max incidents.

The Golden Girls Would Violate Zoning Laws

Sara C. Bronin | The New York Times | Retweeted by Michael D. Farren

Many zoning codes around the country are strict on who can live together in a dwelling, and some of America’s favorite roommates would very likely be in violation of these rules.