The Human Brain Project, Fixing the Middle Seat, and How the CRA Speeds Gentrification

Cruise Scales up Self-Driving Car Tests as It Delays Driverless Ride Service Launch

Alan Ohnsman | Forbes | Retweeted by Jennifer Huddleston

Cruise, a tech company owned by General Motors, said they’d be ready to begin driverless ride sharing by 2019, but they’ve postponed that move and will instead log more test miles in San Francisco.

Airlines Are Finally Fixing the Middle Seat

Mark Wilson | Fast Company | Retweeted by Adam Thierer

In order to make flying more comfortable for the one-third of passengers stuck in the middle seat, Molon Labe Seating has gotten a new design approved by the FAA. It uses staggering to allow for more room, and even helps with armrest battles.

The Human Brain Project Hasn’t Lived up to Its Promise

Ed Yong | The Atlantic | Shared by Tyler Cowen

Ten years after Henry Markram announced that he was going to simulate the human brain within ten years, the lofty goal has not been met and has instead been met with criticism on use cases.

Daimler and Bosch’s Driverless Parking Gets OK to Operate without Human Supervision

Kirsten Korosec | TechCrunch | Tweeted by Brent Skorup

After receiving approval from German regulators, Daimler and Bosch became the purveyors of the world’s first fully automated driverless parking function to be officially approved for everyday use.

How a 40-Year-Old Federal Law Is Speeding Gentrification

Diego Zuluaga | Politico | Retweeted by Brian Knight

The Community Reinvestment Act was supposed to bring bank lending to historically underserved communities, but it’s actually assisted in displacing poorer residents.

Apollo 11's Achievement Still Dazzles

George Will | The Washington Post | Shared by Donald Boudreaux

While the achievement of Apollo 11 was a tremendous feat considering technology at the time, there’s still a lot of space to explore that we might never see.

Vietnam Tested by Multinationals Seeking Trade War Detour to Avoid Us Tariffs on China

Ralph Jennings | South China Morning Post | Tweeted by Christine McDaniel

After President Trump levied tariffs on exports from China, some companies are exploring Vietnam as a potential workaround. 

Heads Up, California: Sydney Has Figured out How to Get the Rents Down

Scott Shackford | Reason | Tweeted by Michael D. Farren

The decreasing rent prices in Sydney aren’t due to restrictive price controls, but instead by a building boom.