New Research on COVID-19 Economic Recovery

New Mercatus Research from June 22-26

Policies to Help Communities Recover

Salim Furth, Nolan Gray, and Emily Hamilton | Policy Brief

Across the country, communities, local governments, and individuals grapple with rapidly evolving economic circumstances. Containment of COVID-19, supply and demand structures, business practices, and overall regulations will greatly impact the economic landscape of cities for as long as the virus remains a threat. While these changes can be daunting, cities can make the best of these turbulent times by pursuing policy changes that provide flexibility for residents and businesses to experiment, adjust, and find new patterns of specialization and trade that can be sustained in the post-coronavirus world.

Senior Research Fellow Salim Furth and Research Fellows Nolan Gray and Emily Hamilton have partnered on a series of policy briefs designed to help communities recover, touching on commuting, housing, and economic uncertainty

Will a Burst in Federal Infrastructure Spending Accelerate the Recovery from the COVID-19 Recession?

Robert Krol | Policy Brief

Robert Krol’s new policy brief examines infrastructure investment’s impact on the economy and how it can help along the economic recovery from COVID-19. He points to recent empirical studies as well as data from previous economic revories, and suggests policy reforms that will allow the economy to benefit from a well-run infrastructure.