New Research on Currency Manipulation and Medical Drones

New Mercatus research from Feb 17-21

Currency Manipulation: Reframing the Debate and Currency Manipulation, Saving Manipulation, and the Current Account Balance

Scott Sumner | Working Paper

Currency manipulation has become an increasingly important flashpoint in negotiations involving international trade and finance. Unfortunately, the issue is not well understood, nor is it clear how the term “currency manipulation” should even be defined. In his new working paper, Scott Sumner reframes the debate by exploring possible new perspectives on currency manipulation that may turn heads, explaining the underlying economic concepts therein, and taking a close look at countries which deserve special scrutiny.

Medical Drones in the United States and a Survey of Technical and Policy Challenges

Robert Graboyes and Brent Skorup | Policy Brief

How are drones changing the nature of America’s airspace, delivery systems, and ambulatory services? Optimistic technologists envision a bright future in which drones transport blood, medical supplies, drugs and vaccines, defibrillators, and telemedicine kits. But is this level of technological advancement possible in the current regulatory atmosphere of America’s airspace? Senior Research Fellows Robert Graboyes and Brent Skorup explore how surpassing technological challenges and innovating in regulatory spaces may just take us there.