New Research on Import Restrictions and V2I Technology

New Mercatus research from the week of Oct 28-Nov 3

Executive Incentives, Import Restrictions, and Competition

Brian Blank | Working Paper

In his new analysis on import restrictions, Brian Blank writes that tariffs have unexpected beneficiaries. Corporations and their top executives stand to benefit from import restrictions moreso than the domestic businesses and workers for which they are justified. Blank expounds specific import restrictions, like antidumping duties and countervailing duties, and shows the unintended consequences of import duties. 

Smart Cities, Dumb Infrastructure

Korok Ray and Brent Skorup | Working Paper

Autonomous vehicles are now shifting from a technological pipe dream to a realistic possibility, but US roadways are not ready to accommodate them. Korok Ray and Brent Skorup write that the US currently lacks the infrastructure suitable to integrate “vehicle-to-infrastructure” (V2I) technology. The biggest roadblock to giving autonomous vehicles the green light is government’s uncertainty in its role with such innovation, as well as its inability to fund long-term projects involving V2I technology, which require ongoing investments. Both this study and a follow-up article by Andrea O’Sullivan attempt to explain the balance between government and the private sector in innovation, and encourage possibilities for autonomous vehicles to hit the ground running in the near future.