New Research on Transportation Tech and "Reciprocal" Tariffs

Research Round-Up: January 28, 2019

The Department of Transportation Should Maintain Strict Tech Neutrality for V2X Devices

Brent Skorup | Public Interest Comment

From the comment: "Nevertheless, DSRC [dedicated short-range communications] very well could win consumer and commercial adoption in the end if vendors develop compelling and safe services. For now, as the attached comment explains, DOT [the Department of Transportation] should avoid favoring any V2X [vehicle-to-anything] technology because the safety benefits are uncertain, the device market is competitive, and the technology advances rapidly.”

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: The Danger of Imposing “Reciprocal” Tariff Rates

Daniel Griswold | Research Paper

From the summary: "Abandoning the principle of unconditional MFN [most-favored nation] in favor of “reciprocal” tariffs would almost certainly reverse the decades-long trend of declining trade barriers worldwide and inflict needless economic pain on American producers and consumers. Instead, the US government should reaffirm its commitment to nondiscriminatory trade policy while cooperating with US trading partners to lower trade barriers abroad and at home.”