Pathway to Economic Growth Series: Continuing Policies that Promote Growth

In past weeks, we’ve shared research from Mercatus Center scholars identifying policies that promote economic growth, including developing the talent that promotes economic growth and creating an environment that encourages innovation. This week’s research highlights ways to measure success so policymakers can determine which policies have been effective.

  • Improve Tax Policy: Jason Fichtner, Scott Drenkard, and Andrew Schaufele sit down to discuss the effect of federal tax reform on states, including opportunities to lower rates and broaden the tax base. Veronique de Rugy examines whether or not tax reform is already working, identifying the real ways we should measure its success.
  • Reduce Burdensome Regulations: Patrick McLaughlin finds that newly issued regulations during the Trump Administration’s first year were significantly lower than previous administrations.
  • Lower Taxes and the Deficit: Charles Blahous lays out the case to support both.
  • Increase Fiscal Responsibility: Adam Millsap shows that people are moving to states with strong economies and lower taxes.

Next up, we’ll share research on Avoiding Policies that Undercut Economic Gains with Uncertainty.