Tariff Costs, Chinese 5G Struggles, and the Green New Deal

Weekend Reads: August 30, 2019

Airbnb Should Be Legally on the Hook for Illegal Rental Listings, Hawaii Rep Says

Christopher Zara | Fast Company | Tweeted by Jennifer Huddleston

In the latest attack on Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, a congressman from Hawaii (who just so happens to have ties to the hotel industry) wants the liability shield removed from home-sharing platforms.

Here’s What New Tariffs Will Cost the Average American Household

Maggie Fitzgerald | CNBC | Retweeted by Matthew Mitchell

The third wave of tariffs will cost the average American household $1,000. While farmers are getting subsidies to offset their loss, alleviating the burden from consumers isn’t easily done.

Dating While Dying

Josie Rubio | The New York Times | Shared by Tyler Cowen

Did you think dating in your 40s couldn’t get worse? Think again.

China's 5G Market Has Teething Trouble

Iain Morris | Light Reading | Retweeted by Brent Skorup

While some US officials are worried that China will take over the world with 5G, earnings reports show that China’s three biggest operators are struggling to pay for the new network.

Support for Free Trade Reaches New High in NBC/WSJ Poll

Mark Murray | NBC News | Retweeted by Veronique de Rugy

Amid the ongoing trade war with China, nearly two-thirds of Americans say they support free trade.

What My Friends on the Left Need to Know about the Green New Deal

Max Gulker | American Institute for Economic Research | Shared by Donald Boudreaux

The Green New Deal can be summed up by its four fallacies.

Captain Who Rescued Migrants at Sea Refuses Paris Medal, Calling It Hypocritical

Sasha Ingber and Vanessa Romo | The New York Times | Retweeted by Emily Hamilton

Pia Klemp, who rescued fleeing migrants with the nongovernmental organization Sea Watch International, declined a medal from a government that she claims fights against migrants.

Employees Connect Nuclear Plant to the Internet so They Can Mine Cryptocurrency

Catalin Cimpanu | ZDNet | Retweeted by Alex Tabarrok

Driven by a recent spike in value, employees connected cryptocurrency mining rigs to the network of a nuclear plant. What could go wrong?