Telepsychiatry—Serving the Underserved

Telepsychiatry, a subfield of telemedicine, brings counseling and therapy to a patient’s laptop, tablet or smartphone.

David Theobald, senior telepsychiatry partnerships manager at Genoa Telepsychiatry, shared his thoughts with me and described Genoa’s mission as: “To provide psychiatric services to the underserved.” Genoa Telepsychiatry began in 2011 as 1DocWay and was acquired in 2016 by Genoa Healthcare, a pharmacy company focusing on underserved populations.

As frequently happens, the founders were driven by personal history. Genoa Telepsychiatry’s founder came from a family of psychiatrists. David Theobald’s mother suffered from schizophrenia, and he was her guardian for 20 years. A Harvard MBA, Theobald has served on the board of Mental Health America, the largest and oldest advocacy organization in its field.

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