Virtual Dolphins, Escape Rooms, and Cosmetology Debt

Weekend Reads: August 23, 2019

Got Pain? A Virtual Swim with Dolphins May Help Melt It Away

Allison Aubrey | NPR | Tweeted by Jennifer Huddleston

Virtual reality has many emerging uses, but research shows pain management may be one of the most promising.

The Truth about Faster Internet: It’s Not Worth It

Shalini Ramachandran, Thomas Gryta, Kara Dapena, and Patrick Thomas | The Wall Street Journal | Retweeted by Adam Thierer

After months of net neutrality advocates lamenting that internet speeds would be hurt by its repeal (which turned out to be false), tests show that paying for faster internet usually isn’t worth it.

The Great Escape

Rachel Sugar | Vox | Shared by Tyler Cowen

Escape rooms, which have gained popularity over the past few years especially for corporate team exercises, are more about escaping reality than escaping a room.

Invasion of the Drones: No Longer a ‘Jetsons’-Esque Fantasy, Utah Is on the Leading Edge

Art Raymond | Deseret News | Retweeted by Brent Skorup

The environmental and regulatory landscape of Utah have made the state a testing ground for drones of all sizes.

Maybe Liberty Isn’t a Lost Cause in China

Jonah Goldberg | National Review | Tweeted by Veronique de Rugy

While it was once argued that more prosperity would lead to freedom for China, elites are now arguing otherwise. However, the story may not be over.

The Navarro Recession, II

The Editorial Board | The Wall Street Journal | Shared by Donald Boudreaux

After countless media appearances praising the trade war, the president’s trade advisor should take note of market signals that foreshadow a possible worldwide recession.

Want to Prevent a Recession, Mr. Trump? Stop Hurting the Economy

The Editorial Board | The New York Times | Tweeted by Christine McDaniel

Moves made by the Trump administration to help the economy have actually hurt it, and all they have to do to fix it is stop.

A $21,000 Cosmetology School Debt, and a $9-an-Hour Job

Meredith Kolodner and Sarah Butrymowicz | The New York Times | Retweeted by Alex Tabarrok

In a joint effort between state regulators and private cosmetology schools, many hairstylists are stuck in debt for years after graduation.