The Way Forward

Policy proposals from the Mercatus Center to jump-start America's economy now

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacted an extraordinarily high human toll throughout the country, imposing an almost unfathomable strain on its healthcare infrastructure and vast losses in terms of economic growth and employment. The failures of the federal government in its response to the pandemic will heighten the debate over how to make government more effective.

As policymakers begin to “unpause” the economy, they will have to address immediate challenges in economic and fiscal policy, regulatory policy, health policy, and monetary policy. This brief addresses all four of these areas. For each, it identifies innovative and action-oriented ideas developed by the community of scholars at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University for a rapid, entrepreneur-led rebound. Please revisit this page for updates to this ongoing research program.

This document will be updated regularly, so check back again soon. For more information or with questions, please contact [email protected]

Table of Contents

  1. Economic and Fiscal Policy
  2. Regulatory Policy
  3. Health Policy
  4. Monetary Policy