Net Neutrality: Brent Skorup's Ideas for Preserving an Open Internet Without the FCC

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Brent Skorup agrees with a lot of the norms of net neutrality but is against the rules regulating the Internet. So what does Brent think of FCC oversight? And will courts get involved in this on-going policy fight?

Skorup is a Research Fellow in the Technology Policy Program where he focuses on wireless policy, new media regulation, competition, and telecommunications. He also serves as vice chair of a working group on the FCC’s Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee.

His expertise and academic study has assured him that preserving an open internet without the FCC is possible. He sits down with Chris Koopman to discuss the FCC, Title II, and finding a better way to regulate the Internet.

To learn more, read A Truly ‘Open Internet’ Would Be Free of Burdensome FCC Regulation by Brent Skorup.