Reg Reform: What Patrick McLaughlin Says is Needed to Get it Right

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The buildup of regulations has serious consequences for Americans' standard of living. Despite this obvious problem, regulatory agencies continue to create new rules every day with little concern for the pile of regs already on the books.

The solution, according to Patrick McLaughlin, is for Congress and agencies to rethink their mission. Instead of simply being rule makers, where creating new regs is the only measure of effectiveness, they should instead become rule managers, where effectiveness is measured across an entire portfolio of rules, both old and new.

In this video, Patrick sits down with Chris Koopman to discuss this and other ideas for regulatory reform, including why it matters and how Congress can eliminate some of the regulatory pile-up that has left them buried (and with a few paper cuts).

To learn more, read Comprehensive Regulatory Reform by Patrick McLaughlin, Jerry Ellig, and Michael Wilt.