How to Address Regulations Suspended During the COVID-19 Crisis


Attempting to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, policymakers at the federal, state, & local levels are suspending or rescinding laws and regulations that hinder timely, sensible responses to the pandemic. The temporary departure from these rules is causing many to question the need to reinstate them post-crisis.

A diverse cross-section of scholars has written on why this is an important time to evaluate whether or not some of these regulations are really beneficial and how policymakers can best make these assessments. This co-sponsored webinar with the Progressive Policy Institute will provide viewers with a grounded, non-partisan approach for doing so. The Mercatus Center published a policy brief, part of the COVID-19 Response series, that proposes an approach called a Fresh Start Initiative.

You can find Mercatus Center's Fresh Start Initiative research here and PPI's research on the topic here.

Check out this episode on the Mercatus Policy Download here