Demystifying Artificial Intelligence: Its Impact on Finance and Regulation

President Biden’s recent Executive Memo on Artificial intelligence, Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights: Making Automated Systems Work for the American People, focuses on the growing influence of AI technologies. While AI can dramatically improve the delivery and regulation of financial services, the algorithms used add new complexities to compliance and the potential for inadvertent discrimination. That suggests the early adoption of standards and rules of engagement to ensure that Americans are protected from as much as they are assisted by AI.

Join the Mercatus Center and the Financial Technology & Cybersecurity Center for a program on AI that financial services people won’t want to miss on:

  • How AI will be employed in the financial services sector
  • How laws and regulations should evolve
  • How artificial general intelligence will change business and society

Our faculty will be moderated by financial services and technology experts:

  • Brian Knight, Director of Innovation and Governance and a Senior Research Fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University
  • Thomas P. Vartanian, Executive Director of the Financial Technology & Cybersecurity Center