Access Academia: Inaugural Reception for Staff of the 110th Congress

Jan 24, 2007
<p align="left">The Monocle Restaurant<br /> On Capitol Hill, Senate side<br /> 107 D Street NE<br /> Washington, DC 20002<br /> (202) 546-4488</p>


Many universities and academics are known for their inaccessible scholarship, which their nickname of ‘ivory towers' readily demonstrates.  However, the Mercatus Center at George Mason University provides a unique window into that scholarship by uniting the worlds of policy and academia through a variety of educational programs.  The Mercatus Center's affiliation with George Mason University enables it to be the premiere provider of university-based resources to Capitol Hill.  As a welcome to incoming Congressional staffers and a welcome back to the thousands of staffers who have already attended the Mercatus Center's educational courses, Mercatus hosted a series of welcome events entitled Access Academia, including a luncheon and accompanying reception to kick-off the new Congress.