The Battle of Ideas: Economics and the Struggle for a Better World

Aug 08, 2006
<p>Museum of New Zealand,<br /> Te Papa Tongarewa,<br /> Cable Street, Wellington</p>

In the continuing debate about how to end poverty and build prosperity, economists have put forward powerful, often conflicting and sometimes ultimately destructive ideas. The impact of ideas such as central planning, Keynesianism, and naïve cost-benefit analysis defined the wealth and fate of nations over the twentieth century. The ongoing battle of ideas will continue to shape our lives and society in the twenty-first century. Throughout his career, Peter Boettke has studied comparative economic and political systems and their impact on material progress and political freedom. In his address, Professor Boettke will focus on the history of recent economic thought, the winners and losers in the battle of ideas, and the role of institutions, entrepreneurship, and economic freedom in creating the conditions for free and prosperous societies.