Broke States & Bailouts: Restoring Fiscal Federalism through Budget & Labor Reform

Jan 11, 2011
George Mason University - Arlington Campus - Hazel Hall - Room 221

Event Speakers

Eileen Norcross

Senior Research Fellow

As statehouses open for the 2011 session, happy days are not here again. Rather, for most states harsh fiscal reality must be faced.  Many question if the fundamental structure of American politics is broken and if this structure will continue to force states and citizens toward a downward spiral of massive, ever-increasing debt. 

This panel discusses the institutions in place that allow for state spending and the growth of government to continue, including these questions:

  • What institutions are in place that increase state spending and debts?
  • What are the consequences of a bailout by the federal government for states?
  • What are potential solutions states can implement in 2011?