The Building of a Nation: Kosovo's Struggle for Independence

Aug 06, 2008Aug 07, 2008
The Monocle, Federal Room<br /> 107 D Street NE Capitol Hill Washington


Hon. Maurice McTigue
Mercatus Center Distinguished Scholar
Former New Zealand Member of Parliament
Cabinet Minister and Ambassador

Maurice McTigue, who has traveled to Kosovo on two occasions to offer advice to the new government, will give an informal presentation and engage in a question and answer session to discuss the current struggles the Republic of Kosovo faces as the country begins the arduous task of building a new nation torn apart by years of conflict and cultural discord.

From the time of the collapse of Yugoslavia, Kosovo has struggled through significant turmoil, including the devastating war of 1996 – 1999 and massive displacement of enormous segments of the population as a result of the war and ethnic cleansing.
But there is hope, opportunity and occasion for hard work following the February 17, 2008, Declaration of Independence by the Assembly of Kosovo.

To explore these issues, this special Mercatus Center Capitol Hill Campus program will address questions such as:

  • What are the major social problems the new Republic of Kosovo is currently facing (unemployment crises, recurring issues of ethnic ostracism, the “missing generation”)?
  • What are the basic infrastructure, diplomatic, and prioritization issues faced by a new nation building from scratch?
  • What are the issues the republic must resolve to create prosperity and a sustainable economic environment (land titling reform