Chicago, IL Supporter and Friend Lunch

Sep 13, 2011

Supporters and friends are invited to join Mercatus Center scholar Matthew Mitchell for a lunch and discussion on the systemic problems of the federal budget and ways to help Congress bring fiscal responsibility to Washington.

The recent credit downgrade of the United States may make it more difficult for consumers to borrow, for businesses to hire, and for the economy to grow. But even more frightening is the cause of the downgrade: unsustainable deficits fueled by government spending. There is, however, a way to exorcise this threat. The experience of nearly two dozen developed economies suggests that the surest way for policy makers to rein in destructive deficits and stabilize the debt is to cut spending, not increase revenue. Matt will talk about his new research in this answer and provide solutions for the debt problem.

This is not a fundraising event and there is no charge to join us. We are pleased to have you as our guest to show our thanks and appreciation. 

If you have questions or you would like to RSVP for yourself and your guests, please contact Julie Burden at 703-344-3219 or 


Photo courtesy of Flickr user ifmuth.