Criteria for Good Laws of Business Association

Jan 08, 2005Jan 09, 2005


For the second year, the Mercatus Center partnered with the Berkeley Business Law Journal to host a symposium exploring fundamental questions of corporate governance. This symposium on "The Criteria for Good Laws of Business Association" took place on January 8, 2005 in San Francisco. This continues the Mercatus Center’s effort to engage scholars in addressing which social and legal arrangements can best advance a free, prosperous, and civil society.

Given both the importance of the corporation in organizing modern economic activity and the potentially conflicting interests created through the corporate form, and given the many increasing options for how to legally organize business firms, we are pleased to work with leading corporate law scholars to identify criteria for sound business association law.

Professors G. Mitu Gulati (Georgetown) and William Klein (UCLA) have provided the basic intellectual framework for this important gathering. Essays from the symposium will by published in 2005 by the Berkeley Business Law Journal.