Diagnosing the Issues: Examining Health Care in America

Apr 29, 2008May 01, 2008


Session One: Tuesday, April 29th
The Economics of Insuring the Uninsured
Dr. Jeffrey Milyo
Professor of Economics
University of Missouri

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Session Two: Wednesday, April 30th
Exploring the Quality of Medical Care in the United States
Dr. David Hyman JD, MD
Professor of Law and Medicine
University of Illinois

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Session Three: Thursday, May 1st
Understanding what Drives Health Care Costs: Past and Future
John Poisal
Deputy Director of the National Health Statistics Group
Office of the Actuary, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

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In most current public opinion polls, health care ranks as one of the top three issues facing our country. Constituents, interest groups, and state government officials express growing concern over rising costs, limited choices, and increasing numbers of uninsured Americans.

Congress continues to consider a variety of solutions to cure American's health care ailments. To help policymakers cut to the chase of these complex issues, the Mercatus Center at George Mason University will host a three-day course to examine the economic framework, incentives and rules that govern health care markets and institutions.

Participants in this course will address questions of interest such as:

  • What can economic principles and incentives teach us about the pressing issues in health care policy?
  • Why do millions of Americans lack health insurance? What demographic groups make up the majority of America's uninsured?
  • What economic and policy concerns should Congress consider when developing insurance solutions?
  • How does the United States rank in health care quality? How should health care quality be measured? In what areas could the U.S. improve in delivering quality health care?
  • Why are health care costs rising? What is the relationship between health insurance and health care costs?  What will drive health care expenditures in the future?