Economic Freedom in the World: Where Does America Stand?

Jun 11, 2015
US Capitol Visitor Center - SVC 210

The tepid, abnormally slow recovery of the US economy after the 2008 recession has generated numerous debates about which government policy or market practice is a culprit or champion.  While vigorous, such deliberations have made little progress in changing the status quo.  Moving from debate to meaningful action requires a cogent understanding of the underlying causes of our economic malaise and using that knowledge to identify changes that can generate the robust recovery and prosperity that has been uniquely American.  The collected essays in What America’s Decline in Economic Freedom Means for Entrepreneurship and Prosperity offers the first cohesive analytic resource on the causes of the dismal economic recovery and what can be done to unlock our nation’s prosperity potential.

The Fraser Institute and the Mercatus Center at George Mason University invite you to a panel discussion where we will review the findings of these essays, authored by Liya Palagashvili, Russell Sobel, Robert Lawson, Roger Meiners, Andrew Morriss and Wayne Crews, and edited by Don Boudreaux, which identify entrepreneurship as the principal element for a prosperous economy, and the degree of economic freedom as the element that determines the quantity and quality of entrepreneurship a nation can generate. 

Since 2000, when the United States was one of the world leaders in economic freedom, its ranking has declined over the past decade as the growth in regulation and other government interventions weakened the rule of law that sustains economic freedom. Learn how this chain of causation works and how reform can restore the elements that propel prosperity.

Keynote Speakers:

Representative Dave Brat, US Representative for Virginia

Senator Ron Johnson, US Senator for Wisconsin

Panelists include:

Donald J. Boudreaux, Professor of Economics, George Mason University; Getchell Chair, Mercatus Center; Senior Fellow, Fraser Institute

Clyde Wayne Crews, Jr., Vice President for Policy, Competitive Enterprise Institute

Patrick McLaughlin, Senior Research Fellow, Mercatus Center

Liya Palagashvili, Law and Economics Fellow, Classical Liberal Institute, NYU School of Law

Questions? Please contact Bethany Stalter at or (703) 993-4889.