The Economic Impact of Taxes

Apr 09, 2010
B338 Rayburn House Office Building

Event Speakers

Garett Jones

Senior Research Fellow

Finding revenue to support ongoing government programs and decrease the deficit is a huge challenge legislators face today.  With taxation as the main source of revenue, policy makers are reevaluating the current tax system.  The tax system should meet the government’s needs and goals yet should not hinder individuals or corporations to a significant extent.  The economy is slowly recovering and policy makers are aware of the consequences of hurting the private sector with further taxation, yet they need to address the current debt crisis.  Spending programs need to be reassessed and more revenue needs to be generated. Is this possible without handicapping the economy?

To better understand the economics of taxation and our current tax options, the Mercatus Center is pleased to host a lecture by Dr. Garett Jones, Assistant Professor of Economics at George Mason University.  Dr. Jones will provide a fundamental overview of taxation and explore how shifts in tax policy affect individual behavior and the economy as a whole.

Join us as we discuss such questions as:

  • How do taxes affect the incentives of individuals and firms?
  • What are the economic and social trade-offs of different types of taxes and taxation systems?
  • If we had to raise taxes, which tax would have the least effect on economic activity?
  • What are the implications of a Value Added Tax (VAT)?