An Economic Situation Update with Bruce Yandle

Oct 13, 2015Oct 14, 2015
Rayburn House Office Building B-369

Event Speakers

Bruce Yandle

Distinguished Adjunct Fellow

Event Video

The economy seems to have fallen off of the Yellow Brick Road of steady real GDP growth. Are we now lost in the woods without a compass?

The Mercatus Center at George Mason University invites you to join Dr. Bruce Yandle, distinguished Mercatus Center adjunct professor of economics at George Mason University, for a Capitol Hill Campus presentation on the state of the domestic and global economy. Dr. Yandle will give an assessment of the domestic and global economic situation and explore questions, such as:

  • Will improvements in the construction economy make up for strong dollar weaknesses in the export economy?
  • What’s the latest word on China?
  • What is happening with Dodd-Frank regulations?
  • What will be the economic impacts of the EPA’s new Clean Power Plan?

Space is limited. Please register online for this event.

This event is free and open to all congressional and federal agency staff. Lunch will be provided. Due to space constraints, this event is not open to interns. Questions? Please contact Brittany Hunter at