The Economics of File Sharing

Mar 23, 2005


Dr. Stanley Liebowitz 
Professor of Managerial Economics
University of Texas at Dallas, School of Management 

"A piece of art is not a loaf of bread." 
-Jeff Tweedy, Wilco

Experienced Congressional staff are fully aware of the distinctions between intellectual property and real property.  The difficulty comes in determining just whether, why, and how the government should regulate the IP world.  Recent technological advances such as peer-to-peer software and other file sharing devices have only led to more disagreement over defining, protecting, and managing intellectual property "rights."  In light of the ongoing changes, how would an economist assess the IP debate?

Please join us for a lively breakfast discussion about the economic effects of file-sharing and P2P technologies with prominent IP economist, Dr. Stan Liebowitz.  Not only will this event serve as a forum for varying views and opinions, it will present attendees with an economic framework with which to assess the arguments in the IP debate.