The Euro: Success, Failure, or Uncertainty?

May 22, 2005


Dr. Pascal Salin 
Professor of Economics
Université Paris – Dauphine 

With the creation of the euro three years ago, the European Union (EU) promised a new era of economic stability and growth to its member states.  Indeed, among the twelve member countries that have adapted the euro as its national currency, the EU boasts of increased political integration, a more prominent role in international markets, and the creation of a stronger, more vibrant macroeconomic framework. 

While it’s too early to know the full effects of the euro, the mere existence of a single European currency raises many questions, including:

  • How has the euro’s performance affected European, American, and Asian economies?
  • Has the euro surpassed the dollar as the international money of choice?
  • What does the future hold for both currencies?

We are honored to host Dr. Pascal Salin, Professor of Economics at Université Paris – Dauphine, and invite you to join us for this open dialogue and address some of these questions.  Professor Salin is a renowned expert in financial matters, author of several books translated in various languages, and numerous articles in the best financial reviews of the world.