An Examination of Federal Reserve Policy

Feb 24, 2016Feb 25, 2016
Senate Visitors Center 203

Event Speakers

Scott Sumner

Ralph G. Hawtrey Chair of Monetary Policy

David Beckworth

Senior Research Fellow

Please join the Mercatus Center’s Program on Monetary Policy Director Scott Sumner, and Visiting Scholar David Beckworth, for an in-depth discussion on the Federal Reserve. Just a week after Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s Congressional testimony, Mercatus scholars will analyze current Federal Reserve policy (like the December rate hike), and lead an informative discussion on the future of monetary policy.


Scott Sumner, who blogs at The Money Illusion, is one of the nation’s leading economists. Tied with former Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke on Foreign Policy’s 2012 rankings of the Top 100 Global Thinkers list, Prof. Sumner’s research portfolio includes prediction markets, monetary policy. Prof. Sumner’s work has been the focal point for “nominal GDP targeting,” a monetary policy reform proposal. His most recent work includes a comprehensive explanation of the causes of the Great Depression.


David Beckworth, who blogs at Macro and Other Market Musings, is a professor of economics at Western Kentucky University, and served as an international economist at the US Department of the Treasury. His primary research focus is monetary policy, and he has recently written about the need for additional transparency at the Federal Reserve, and why inflation targeting should be replaced with “a more robust monetary policy regime.” His writing has been featured in numerous outlets, including the New York Times.


Both Prof. Sumner and Beckworth are global leaders on a variety of important issues, including Chinese and European economic policy.


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This event is free and open to all congressional and federal agency staff. Food will be provided. Please contact Jen Campbell with any dietary restrictions. Due to space constraints, please no interns. Questions? Please contact Jen Campbell at