The Fortress and the Frontier: The Divide Over American Health Care

Jul 09, 2014Jul 10, 2014
Rayburn House Office Building 2168

Event Speakers

Robert Graboyes

Senior Research Fellow

The Mercatus Center at George Mason University invites you to a Capitol Hill Campus program where Senior Research Fellow, Dr. Robert Graboyes, will offer an out-of-the-box approach to health care reform-one with some opportunity for bipartisan cooperation.

Graboyes frames the real divide in health care policy as pitting Fortress (risk-averse and fearful of outsiders) versus Frontier (risk-tolerant and welcoming to outsiders). He argues that both ends of the American political spectrum have veered sharply toward the Fortress in recent decades-thereby stifling innovations that reduce costs and improve health.

In his presentation, Dr. Graboyes will:

  • Describe how technological innovation can improve health and cut costs;
  • Share stories of some brilliant innovators he has encountered recently;
  • Talk about obstacles to health care innovation;
  • Explain how we can overcome those obstacles through both federal and state policy actions; and
  • Build reform alliances that cross the political aisles.

Please come for a lively discussion. We hope you will join us for what promises to be a valuable presentation. Space is limited. Please register online for this event.

This event is free and open to all congressional and federal agency staff. This event is not open to the general public. Food will be provided. Due to space constraints, please no interns. Questions? Please contact Caitlyn Van Orden, Event Associate, at or (703) 993-4925.

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