Foundations of Law and Policy for Economic Growth in California

Aug 11, 2006
<p>CSAC Conference Center</p> <p>1020 11th Street, 2nd Floor</p> <p>Sacramento, California</p>


Dr. Robert D. Cooter
Herman F. Selvin Professor of Law
University of California, Berkeley
School of Law -
 Boalt Hall 

What does Warren Buffet have that the state of California doesn't? His financial decisions have made him one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. Could the decisions of California policymakers yield the same economic results for its Golden State residents?

This Friday, Dr. Robert Cooter will suggest that Mr. Buffet's success had a bit to do with good judgment, and a lot to do with good luck. More importantly, he will explain why investment decision making in the public sector is different from investment decision making in the private sector, and which policies California might pursue to promote sustained prosperity.

Using the example of Silicon Valley, Dr. Cooter will explore the legal institutions that help to cultivate an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship, and in turn, promote economic growth.

Participants will address such questions as:

  • What are the most important sources of sustained economic growth?
  • What are the respective roles of the public and private sectors in generating economic growth?
  • What kinds of information are essential to effective decision making? Who has access to these types of information?