Freedom to Prosper, December 2004

Dec 12, 2004Dec 15, 2004


The African American community has made great strides over the years in terms of income, health and life-expectancy.  At the same time, however, there remain discrepancies when compared with national economic averages.  Much can be said about why this state of affairs exists, but our interest is in learning how to move forward with positive change.


During the past year, the Mercatus Center’s Capitol Hill Campus developed the “Freedom to Prosper” initiative—a series of educational forums exclusive to the Congressional Black Caucus, National Urban League and NAACP.  The purpose of this series is to stimulate discussion among key African American policymakers about how the interplay of government policy and economic/market incentives can solve some of these problems.   

The next Freedom to Prosper Retreat will be an invitation-only, multi-day retreat featuring the Rev. Floyd Flake, Mercatus fellow J.C. Watts and other faculty.  It will be an intensive, interactive and very enjoyable program.