How We Came Back: Voices from Post-Katrina New Orleans: A Book Forum

Apr 29, 2009Apr 30, 2009
George Mason University - Arlington Campus - Truland Building - Room 555<br />

The Social Change Project at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University presents a lecture by Nona Martin, Affiliated Scholar at the Mercatus Center.  Ms. Martin will discuss her recent work in the oral history of reconstruction and recovery from Hurricane Katrina.  The talk will be based on the forthcoming book How We Came Back: Voices from Post-Katrina New Orleans, co-written with Prof. Chamlee-Wright of Beloit College and the Mercatus Center.

Nona Martin is an Affiliated Senior Scholar with the Mercatus Center and a PhD Candidate in the Department of History and Art History at George Mason University.  Her research interests include Urban History, Public History, and Oral History and Memory, with a focus on social space as a stage for cultural expression and identity work. She is particularly interested in how Bahamians have used their urban spaces and how the people and these places have shaped one another.

Ms. Martin has a MS in Secondary Education and MAs in both Library Sciences and Public History.

For more information, please email Stan Tsirulnikov.