Issues 101: Making Sense of Health Care

Mar 09, 2009
39 E. Wing, Capitol Building, Harrisburg, PA

This course is part of our Capital Campus Pennsylvania program for policy makers in Harrisburg.

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Margaret Potter, JD
Associate Dean & Director
Center for Public Health Practice, University of Pittsburgh 

Click Here to view Ms. Potter's Powerpoint Presentation.

Donald King MD, JD
Senior Research Scholar
Mercatus Center at George Mason University

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As healthcare costs continue to rise across the nation, there is growing concern that the number of people without access to affordable care may rise. Unfortunately, while everyone agrees a problem exists, few agree on a solution. 

This course will provide policymakers with a framework for understanding the rules and incentives of the current health care system and how that system might be changed to address the problems of cost, access and coverage.  Dr. Don King of the Mercatus Center will provide an understanding of how health care is both alike and unlike from other goods and services, and how that impacts the market. Professor Margaret Potter from the University of Pittsburgh will detail Pennsylvania’s public health infrastructure and the challenges faced within the state.

Capital Campus Pennsylvania is pleased to provide a look at some of the overarching questions of the debate and how Pennsylvania fits into the bigger picture;

  • Why are health care costs so high?
  • How can more people have access to quality health care?
  • How do various proposals address these questions?
  • What are the major characterizations of Pennsylvania’s public health infrastructure?
  • What can be done to address some of the major concerns with the infrastructure?